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O groves and thickets planted by the hand of the Beloved;

O verdant meads

Enamelled with flowers,

Tell me, has He passed by you?  


A thousand graces diffusing

He passed through the groves in haste,

And merely regarding them

As He passed

Clothed them with His beauty. 







(Artistic credit: Emeteria Rios Martinez; Words: St John of the Cross)

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Where hast Thou hidden Thyself  

And abandoned me in my groaning, Oh my Beloved?  

Thou hast fled like a stag

Having wounded me

I ran after Thee, crying; but Thou wert gone


O shepherds, you who go

Through the sheepcots up the hill,

If you shall see Him

Whom I love the most

Tell Him I languish, suffer, and die.


In search of my Love

I will go over mountains and strands;

I will gather no flowers

I will fear no wild beasts

And pass by the mighty and the frontiers





(Artistic credits:  Taren Point Public School and Richard Campbell; Words: St John of the Cross)