Greetings to all who follow this blog with good will and enthusiasm,

We’ve added a new section reviewing books, movies, documentaries etc. which have themes relevant to First Nations communities. Over time we hope to be adding more and more and more and we welcome positive and encouraging feedback from you about your experiences and insights relative to the topics explored in our reviews.

Please feel free to have your say by using the comments section but bear in mind that anything hostile, rude, abusive or not within the boundaries of good conduct will NOT be tolerated and anyone who persists in defying the protocol of good-will on this website will be blocked. This is because this site is for spreading educational awareness to fight racism and xenophobia on every front and in order to do this well we must bear with each other in the spirit of solidarity and co-operation. The traditional understanding of spiritual well-being riding on the wings of harmony is what we want to promote and preserve on this website for we are about liberation, healing and reconciliation. Anything contrary to this spirit is not welcome.