Life begs the question sometimes ~

Why can’t we stay firmly planted, stay firmly put where we by rights really ought to be?

I know that during this Christmas season I have been confronted many times by this very question in a number of different and sometimes frustrating ways. And it seems the answer has just come to my awareness as to why we are sometimes, at the most inconvenient of moments urged to move on. It’s really a question of do or die. You see, sometimes circumstances come before us that are not necessarily as benign as those we have gradually been getting used to or that we actually have been surrounded by. These things if they cannot pass over us, they will attempt to make a run at us in order to “push us out of the way”. And sometimes the only way to avoid getting permanently “pushed out of the way” is to make a dash for it in the short term so that in the long term….and so the story continues…

(Photo credits – see post dated at December 24, 2012)